Self Standing Natural_____________________to be continued

Work created with little treasures.

It all starts with little ‘treasures’. Found, received or created by myself. These little ‘treasures’ form the basis of the design. At this point, research questions need to be answered, does this ‘gem’ have specific details I want to highlight or hide?  What specific characteristics should I take into account? How does it relate to the human body and therefore what is the best way to wear this little ‘treasure’ as jewellery? __________________________________________ Trained as, among other things, a traditional goldsmith, well known settings for gemstones are a source of inspiration. But I like to go beyond this tradition. Constructions and technical solutions are challenges I set myself. By researching constructions, shapes, structures and contrasts, I try to create an interesting field of tension. Usually, precious metal is the basis, but I also like to experiment with unconventional materials. ___________________________________________The Self Standing Naturals are all unique pieces because I like to take on the above-mentioned challenges each time again.

ring – silver, quartz geode

brooch – silver, red orange coated plexiglas, brown agaat, stainless steel

ring – silver, fossil mushroom coral, sealing wax

ring – silver, pebble stone

ring – silver, white marble, plexiglas, resin

ring – silver, black tourmaline, white marble, resin, steel

ring – silver, gold red coated plexiglas

ring – silver, horn, brass

ring – silver, chalcedony rose.

ring – silver, white marble, red sealing wax

ring – silver, carbon grains, resin, tin

ring – silver, double green reperit

ring – silver, green reperit

ring – silver, horn, sealing wax, brass

ring – silver, bronze, sealing wax

ring – silver, bamboo, sealing wax

ring – silver, meteorite

The photos in which the models wear the jewellery were taken by Aron Viszlo with the cooperation of the models Hilly, Anastasiya, Marci, Ulana, Zsofi, Jair and Alessio __________________
The other photos are from my own archive.