Projects & Publications____________________among others

See Feel Wear________A dialogue between jewellery makers and the public___at Diva Museum during Antwerp Jewellery Week ———

Self Standing Natural__Book__Publisher SO-RI print studio__Photos Aron Viszlo___for sale at The library of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp

catalogue exhibition ‘In Fieri’ at MAD Brussels

The Jewellery Design & Gold & Silversmithing department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, participate the international jewellery festival Obsessed! with the exhibition Connected! __________________________________  __________________________

My work is participating in the project ‘Artificial Intelligems’, A project of Anneleen Swillen and Greg Scheirlinckx.

Images of jewellery from more than 100 designers and artists are used to ‘train’ the AI algorithm that produces jewellery based on the input. The constantly transforming jewellery was shown as ‘The Dream Sessions’ live during Munich Jewellery Week in March 2021 ____________________________________________________________________________________

Current Obsession_magazine ___Munich Jewellery Week___2021______________________________________________ Poster created by Elvis Wesley studio. Photo Daphne Okon ___________________________

Collaborative project with curator Spank Moons, photographer Daphne Okon, costume designer Mathilde Timmerman, dancers and models Yorrith De Bakker, Mathilde Timmerman, Hilly Wagenar and assistant Peter Immenga _______________ With special thanks to Raversyde Atlanticwall and the province of West Flanders for allowing us to work at their museum

Representing jewellery in a different way, along with the space, time and place. Playing with light and atmosphere was also a determining factor. The power lay in the unexpected moments. ________________________________________More pictures can be seen under the chapter ‘Something Old, Something New’ and on the Home page

Eyewear project with Timo Zündorf for his fashion collection ‘Brink’ 2016. Catwalkpictures Etienne Tordoir ______________________

Shoes project with Peter Pilotto for his fashion collection ‘Carried away by a moonlight shadow’ 2004 ___________________________________

‘De Ontmoeting’___ A project of collaboration with Jan Willem Maris. Organized by VES (vereniging vrije vormgevers) _____________________________________________ 1998-1999 at the De Zaaijer in Amsterdam