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2 in 1 =  DieWaneka! _______Wieke Aerts & Dana Seachuga didn’t study together, nor did they work together. They simply met by chance, or what one might call pure coincidence. _________ A chain of unpredictable events ensured that both will share a common studio space under one roof for the last 5 years, more or less. Synchronicity____if you take it seriously or not, Wieke & Dana have.______Both decided to consider this chain of events as not only favourable circumstances, but a sign of a chance that should be taken!______________________________________________________This duo-expo of contemporary jewellery and body related objects is the outcome of this decision. It is an experiment. How to bring together two diverse personalities without a unifying theme, in a meshed confrontation.

From April 29th to May 8th 2022, Brussels was all about contemporary jewellery! The European capital brought together established and emerging artists, collectors and an international public for the very first edition of the Brussels Jewellery Week. BJW aims to showcase contemporary jewellery as a creative and innovative craft. In addition to the main exhibition at MAD Brussels, you could also participate in a city tour, talks and workshops. _________________________ Exhibition ‘In Fieri’ at MAD Brussels___In the heart of the Dansaert district, more than 100 contemporary jewels was on view during the main exhibition In Fieri. ________________In Fieri, which means “in the making” refers to the transformation of materials but also of the artist. It is the stage where “being made” and “becoming” overlap in a significant  way.

https://www.brusselsjewelleryweek.com/ ___ https://mad.brussels/en/agenda/exhibition-fieri ___ https://www.hln.be/brussel/eerste-editie-van-de-brussels-jewellery-week-gaat-binnenkort-van-start~aa8ca4bc/

The Jewellery Design & Gold & Silversmithing department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, participate the international jewellery festival Obsessed! with the exhibition Connected! ______________________________________________________________
Connected! is a group exhibition with work by alumni and the new team of teachers. The work of alumni and teachers will be connected in an intimate atmosphere and can be seen in the Academy’s ‘Temple’. ____________________________ https://ap-arts.be/en/event/obsessed-connected-popped?startdate=2021-11-18 ___________________________ https://www.obsessedwithjewellery.com

Obsessed! Jewellery Festival November 2021________________https://www.obsessedwithjewellery.com/ https://ap-arts.be/evenement/obsessed-connected-popped?startdate=2021-11-18

On Boards Biennale 2021 – Show Up / Show Off______________________From June 28 till July 25 2021, the public can discover 200 art prints on Antwerp city’s billboards. The exhibition presents art prints from (inter) national established and emerging artists and from art students of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and Sint Lucas Antwerp __________________________________https://onboards.be/index.php/exhibition ___ /https://onboards.be/

Billboard project Antwerp, The Quarantine edition 2020. ______________________________________________’How do artists experience and view the Corona crisis? Artists responded promptly by activating the empty billboards in the empty streets. We are all facing the same crisis, confronted with others and with ourselves. Art can depict those feelings and give hope’. https://billboard-project-antwerpen.com/index.php/2018-copy/

Solo exhibition____’Something Old, Something New’_______________Antwerp 2020 ___________________https://klimt02.net/events/exhibitions/something-old-something-new-wieke-aerts-hopland-10

Antwerp Jewellery Event 2020 ______________________________________________________________________ https://www.facebook.com/events/215722476472885/?acontext=%7B%22event_action_history%22%3A[%7B%22mechanism%22%3A%22search_results%22%2C%22surface%22%3A%22search%22%7D]%7D

Group exhibition___Atelier Open House___end of the year studio sale-2018_____________Antwerp

Kunst als Erekleed______The Emperor’s new clothes__________________________________Antwerp 2017 _______________________________________________________Teachers of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts